The Deltiologist -Sabah Underwater

A couple of months ago i was in Sabah for a diving trip so i went to the stores to hunt down postcards during some free time. I think i must have bought about 200 postcards which is a considerably mild amount if you ask me because these are my favourite postcards to send out.

For whatever reason, Peninsula Malaysia has quite a lousy array of nature postcards but Sabah has sea creatures, monkeys, flowers and so much more. All produced by a company called Sabah Goodies and some others too. Peninsula needs to step up their nature game. 😀 Meanwhile, i’ll continue to send out Sabah postcards as if it was my home state. 🙂

Sipadan Jacks_1Sabah Anemone Fish_1Sipadan AMabul_1Scan_Pic0009 (2)Scan_Pic0004Sabah Napoleon_1Sabah Mandarinfish_1



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